How to use your ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

Watch the video below for instruction on DOT hours of service. ELD's are mandated by DOT & FMCSA and your truck will be put out if service for improper ELD use.

Resources below for Owner Operators and Drivers

 These are products and services that we recommend from personal use. Links are only provided for convenience.

Go to Phoenix ELD for your ELD service.

PT30 ELD device can be ordered from Phoenix directly or the Amazon link below.
*Important* Must be PT30 eld model to work with Phoenix. Device still requires activation with Phoenix.

Amazon PT30 ELD device search

Best weather app for your route. Currently only on iOS

TA & Petro have a program that gives drivers a free shower credit when they fuel 60+ gallons of diesel & def in one transaction. They also have some of the best fuel discounts with most fuel cards.

TCS has some of the best discounts for fuel (especially TA & Petro) and they don't require business credit to open an account. The app is also good at planning a fuel stop along your route.

Tri-Fold truck mattress for Semi or Boxtruck. Easily folds up for storage in the passenger seat of daycabs.

*Important* Make sure mattress dimensions are 75"x25". Other dimensions may not fit and are not recommended.

Direct link if still available

Portable freezer/refrigerator with AC & DC power options.

*Important* 30 Liter fits on front bench of a day cab, but larger options are available. 

Direct link if still available

Ironton Movers, 2-Pc. Set, 8800-Lb Capacity 

These skates are great for moving oversized equipment or pallets.

Direct link if still available

FRANKLIN 2.5 Ton Pallet Jack 

Direct link if still available

Below is the link to submit your documents for the New Entrant Safety Audit required by FMCSA. This audit will usually happen in the first 12 months of your Authority. Be careful not to mark the official phone call or email from FMCSA as spam. FMCSA will deactivate your MC# if you do not complete this audit.

Link to submit documents

Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Call 1-800-526-0798 for roadside assistance with your Penske equipment, such as flat tire, mechanical problem, fluid leakage, etc

Dispatch    +1(609)200-1012

Main    +1(769)208-3637 

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